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Grief touches our lives in so many ways. Grieving is a normal response to loss. It can
be the loss of a loved one, job, pet or marriage. It can be facing a life-threatening illness, an addiction problem, a troubled relationship or simply being overwhelmed by life. We’ve all been there one time or another…trying to let go, when we so desperately want to hold on…


"Beyond the pain...
Beyond the tears...
Way beyond the
feelings of despair...
There is a place where
hearts begin to heal."
                     Karen Russell
Karen Russell
    Welcome Message
Dear Friends,
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Welcome! You have found a place where you will find comfort, remembrance and help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A wise person once said, "Joy shared is double the joy... Grief shared is half the grief." We'll be here for you... just as long as you need!

When you're dealing with grief, the last thing you need is to spend countless hours searching for the right resources, support and help.

Our Organization has spent over nine years compiling information and services for you to access from home or office, whenever you need it. We've put it together for you, all in one place, so you can concentrate on caring for yourself and others.

When you, a loved one or client need guidance, support, resources, hope or comfort during times of sorrow, you are not alone.


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Karen Russell
Karen Russell, MA Click to Listen
Executive Director
National Grief Support Services
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"Although the world is full of suffering; it ie full also of the overcoming of it."  Helen Keller
Losing a Parent, Child, Spouse, Friend, or Job  
Facing a Life Threatening Illness or Disability
Death or Illness of A Treasured Pet  
Troubled Teens  
Alzheimer's Disease  
How You Can Help Loved Ones After You're Gone  
Problem Relationships or Depression  
Coping with Alcoholism...
Drug Addiction...
Eating Disorders
Suicide and Violence  
"My husband of 41 years passed away October of 2001. The online support has helped me so much. It has kept me going even when I have wanted to give up and curl in a ball and never move again.Sites like these are so needed. I know if they were not here, a lot of us would not be around."
Ruth Thomson,
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