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Q: What is “Ask the Expert?"
Q: How do I get my questions answered?
Q: Who may participate?
Q: Do you answer all questions?
Q: What restrictions are there?
Q: How often may I participate?
Q: Can I get receive personal, confidential help from one of your experts?
Q: Can I get referrals to see a professional in my area through “Ask the Expert?"
Q: What is an Expert’s “Profile”?
Q: What exactly are you asking me to do?
Q: What would I receive from you?
Q: Are there professional benefits?
Q: Can I use previously published material?
Q: May I pursue cases that arise at for private practice or research?
Q: Who holds the copyright for answers I provide?
Q: How long am I committed to participate?
What is “Ask the Expert?”

“Ask the Expert” is as close to free, in-person professional help as you can get. And our participating professionals are not just any practitioners, but people renowned in specialized areas of grief, loss and longing.

How do I get my questions answered?

Visitors to may post their questions on our “Ask the Expert” page or ask them by telephone, during special, live one-hour “Grief-Line” sessions on rotating topics. Answers are generally posted within a week to ten days. Answers are generalities based on information provided, giving anyone who reads or hears the answers a basis to understand and seek recovery from grief situations. They should not be considered complete, nor a substitute for personal and/or professional help. Also, be sure to check our online calendar for scheduled live Grief-Line sessions. Go

Who may participate and are there fees to do so?

Anyone who is feeling the hurt associated with the loss of someone or something, in other words any one who grieves. This can concern the death or illness of a person or pet but also a variety of causes, from violence in one’s life to substance abuse, psychological problems, relationship issues or economic circumstances. There are no restrictions based on income, and no fees are involved.

Do all questions get answered?

Due to the volume of questions our experts receive, it may not be possible to personally answer every question. Those with the broad interest are most likely to be answered and will be posted on Ask the Expert within 10 days.

What restrictions are there?

We can not post questions that attack individuals or groups by name or through information that could reasonably be expected to allow them to be identified. No profanity will be permitted. We reserve the right to edit questions to deal with harassment, offensive content or excessive length.

How often may I participate?

We do not restrict the frequency of questions at this time. This policy may be re-examined in the future.

Can I get receive personal, confidential help from
one of your experts?

Experts are free to accept clients through in-person, telephone or e-mail relationships as they choose. You may contact experts for private consultation, by linking to their website or submitting requests through their “Ask the Expert” profiles.

Can I get referrals to see a professional in my area
through “Ask the Expert?”

Our support community and Ask the Experts is not only coordinated by staff of National Grief Support Services, but caring professionals and community organizations. Visitors will find a comprehensive listing of professionals, throughout the United States, by visiting the Counseling and Support section of our site

If you do not find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact National Grief Support Services for further assistance.

What is an Expert’s “Profile”?
This is an area where each of our experts provides background about themselves, links for further contact and other information of use to visitors.
What exactly are you asking me to do?
As a non-profit public service organization, we ask you to spend up to 3 hours a week responding to online queries. As we tell users they can generally expect answers within one week, we hope you will issue responses on at least a twice-weekly basis, but a minimum of once-a-week.

We also ask you to participate in an occasional telephone “Grief-Line” session, on a rotating basis with our corps of “Ask the Expert” professionals. The telephone sessions would last one hour, and we would not ask you to participate more than twice a year. These sessions would be recorded and available as streaming audio through the archives on our website.
What would I receive from you?
We offer significant opportunities through our Compassion Cooperative Program. Click here and we will send you the details via e-mail.
Are there professional benefits?
Our publicity package is ongoing and will include targeted media packets on programs including “Ask the Expert.” We are planning syndication for written materials from experts to appear in newspapers, and on radio and television.

You will encounter questioners coming from different geographic areas and even different cultures than you may be used to working with. This diversity will enrich our website and your professional experience.

We would also be happy provide more information about submitting articles for “Grief Matters,” a weekly e-zine that is also presented in a Q&A format, only on a specific topic. Through two editions of the e-zine, Personal and Professional editions, different approaches to the same topic are covered for different audiences. The Professional Edition provides an excellent way to display your insights and link yourself to a network of peers in and out of your discipline. The Professional Edition is meant for therapists, counselors, medical and social services professionals, clergy, funeral industry professionals and grief service volunteers. The topic would be presented differently in the Personal Edition.

Can I use previously published material?
If necessary, but only through partial quotations. This is generally discouraged, however, because we want you to be as responsive to specific questions as possible. You may obviously paraphrase your own work and avoid copyright problems with original publishers. We want to work with you to promote generally available works through your profile page. Therefore we ask that you do not promote those items within the answers you give our questioners.
May I accept cases that arise at
for private practice or pursue them for research?
Yes. We will disclaim any responsibility or liability for your professional activities. Likewise, when you begin your participation, you will sign a waiver directly absolving National Grief Support Services and any of its entities or other individuals associated with the corporation from any share of liabilities for conduct of your clinical or research activities. You may signal your willingness to accept clients on your “Ask the Expert” Profile submission form, which you are free to amend. You may also indicate your desire for research subject on that form. We do ask that you keep your profile current.
(Design note: There should be a way for experts to automatically update their profiles through our admin)
Who holds the copyright for answers I provide
in audio and written content?
National Grief Support Services holds copyrights to these materials, with free professional use for you. We require that any publication in which you use these materials refers readers to our website within the text; i.e., the article must cite An exception is in academic publications, in which bibliographic citation is acceptable. References should include the specific URL from which information is cited. Any links from your website must be direct to, unless special arrangements are made through National Grief Support Services Inc.
How long am I committed to participate?
We ask that you accept a one-year minimum commitment to “Ask the Expert.” We hope you will continue to enjoy the exposure and professional enrichment the experience provides.
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