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Countless numbers of people die or become incapacitated every day, leaving their loved ones with the painful task of picking up the pieces or trying to honor their wishes, without the tools or knowledge to do so. Still others have worked hard all their lives so that their loved ones can be provided for after they are gone. They would “turn over in their graves,” if they knew that this was not happening because they had failed to properly plan.
But knowledgeable legal and estate planning professionals serve a practical purpose. Whether their expertise is in finances or the law, to succeed they should be sensitive to your needs and feelings. Planning to accommodate someone’s illness, disability or the eventuality of death can’t be comfortable: It means planning for the demise of a loved one or the division of their estate. As difficult as that may be, most professionals will add, "the sooner, the better."
Knowing this, some people may still ask for help from a trusted friend in finding an attorney or estate planner they feel comfortable with. We offer that kind of friendship on this page. You have the right to have your wishes honored to the greatest extent possible. We hope these links will give you information to enable that to happen.
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