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We hope these selections are helpful to those experiencing grief or assisting others. The Organization and Services include some samplings of individual opinion. They are provided for your information, but do not necessarily reflect the views of our organization or experts.
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A Love Eternal
Grief, bereavement, mourning, and loss: the merest of words, without effect or consequence until such time that their association, their meaning, become personal in spirit and condition. At that ...
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American Association of Pastoral Counselors
A Spiritual, Greif, and Depression Resource with information concerning the American Association of Pastoral Counseling. Pastoral Counseling is a unique form of psychotherapy which uses spiritual ...
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Angel Connections
A Spiritual Resource offering to help individuals connect with their spiritual self (soul/spirit) as well as their Guardian Angels/Spirit Guides. Grow spiritually (reach Ascension level) and find ...
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Angels Online
Angels on Line - A resouce for Prayers, Encounters, Miracles, Visions, Dreams and Inspiration.
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Beliefnet Inc.
Truly a site that adresses many faith and spiritual issues. A multi-faith e-community designed to help you meet your own religious and spiritual needs -- in an interesting, captivating and engaging ...
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A spiritual resource regarding Christianity. "Eternal life in heaven is ours not by works, but by faith in Him who died for us. " This sight offers Bible studies, verse ecards and a section on ...
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Catholic Online
Catholic Online provides over five million pages of content including the largest online historical and biblical database about the Catholic Church including comprehensive information about over ...
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Center for Mindfulness
The Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society is dedicated to furthering the practice and integration of mindfulness in the lives of individuals, institutions, and society through ...
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Christian Miscarriage Support Group
The Christian Miscarriage Support Group is an international Christian ministry for men and women, single people and married people, family and friends, essentially for anyone who has been affected by ...
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Compassion Connection
We are not professionals. We are not a substitute for pastoral care. We are people like you who have been through a loss. However, we have available to us the greatest counselor, the Holy Spirit, and ...
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Compassionate Ocean Dharma Center
The Compassionate Ocean Dharma Center is dedicated to the central practice of awakening. The activities of the Center cultivate awareness of the essential beauty and dignity of life coming from full ...
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CounselCare Connection
A Spiritual Resource committed to meeting the needs of hurting people - offering caring, Christian counseling by experienced professionals. Located here hotlines, support groups, directories and ...
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Crisis Clinic
Clear and concise tips for caregivers. Advice on whom to contact and how to get help. Community information line for more info.
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Daily-Blessings offers a daily dose of spiritual blessings and humor for all faiths. It offers a large resource of inpirational selections and takes submissions from those who are interested.
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Department of Religion - Rutgers University
Rutgers University Religion Depart - Virtual Religion Index An extensive resource for information and research concerning the following Religion Topics: Ancient Near East Anthropology and ...
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Richard Carlson, whose Ph.D is in psychology, is considered one of the foremost experts in happiness and stress-reduction. This site offers books and resources for spiritual healing.
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Ethical Wills
Offers a way to leave your legacy by writing down your values and beliefs.
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Everything About Angels
A Spiritual Resource on Angels - Articles, Stories, Clip Art, Books, E-Cards and Links
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Good Ground Press
A Spiritual Resource with a mission to create products that draw people into praying together, into opening their lives as nourishment to one another, and into sustaining one another in commitments. ...
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Halo Angels Newsletter
A Spiritual Resource offering a free interactive angelic networking newsletter, where we can all contribute and share spiritual information, thanks, celebrations, humor, book, movie and music ...
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Hay House - Louise Hay
A Spiritual Resource Louise L. Hay has assisted thousands of people in discovering and using the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self-healing. This website offers ...
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Healing Grief
"Rondi Lightmark offers a new way to experience loss and grief. Her stories show that the death of a loved one can bring us closer to the world of spirit, turning our grief into an oppportunity to ...
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Heaven's Treasure
This site sheds light on death, afterlife, after-death communication, angels, spirits, spiritualism, grief, loss & healing, and is primarily intended for anyone whose soul is filled with grief over ...
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Helping Friends Find Hope
Mission: To be obedient to God's leadership to Widows, Widowers, and Orphans who have lost a spouse or parent due to death divorce or abandonment by helping to meet their basic physical, emotional, ...
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In Light Times
In Light Times covers such topics as Metaphysics, Alternative Health, Astrology, New Age Spirituality, Hypnosis, Reincarnation, Regression, Astral Journeys, Dreams, Psychic & Paranormal Phenomena, ...
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