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Alliance of Grandparents, A Support in Tragedy
"Originally started as a SIDS grandparent support group, this non profit organization is now dedicated to assisting all grandparents when a grandchild dies. Support is offered by an informational ...
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American SIDS Institute
"Founded in 1983, the American SIDS Institute, a national nonprofit health care organization, is dedicated to the prevention of sudden infant death and the promotion of infant health through an ...
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Angel Babies Forever Loved, Inc.
Angel Babies Forever Loved, Inc., is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation established to support grieving parents of infants. Whether from miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal loss, or SIDS, we all ...
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Association of SIDS and Infant Mortality Programs
ASIP is an organization of professionals who work in SIDS related fields. "ASIP works to build and maintain a high standard of bereavement services and promotes collaboration within the professional ...
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Associazione Semi per la Sids
An Italian SIDS support site, all in Italian language.
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This is an attractive site with a bereavement sharing room, a remembrance room and a resource room.
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Bereaved Parents of the USA
"It is the goal of Bereaved Parents of the USA to educate families about the grief process and all its complexities as it applies to the death of a child at any age and from any cause, to aid and ...
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Center for Infant & Child Loss
The goal of the Center for Infant & Child Loss is to assist families as they learn to live with the sudden and unexpected loss of their child.
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Christian Miscarriage Support Group
The Christian Miscarriage Support Group is an international Christian ministry for men and women, single people and married people, family and friends, essentially for anyone who has been affected by ...
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Considering Alexander
This site offers a SIDS crisis hotline and a SIDS memorial page, which anyone can post to.
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Crisis Clinic
Clear and concise tips for caregivers. Advice on whom to contact and how to get help. Community information line for more info.
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Empty Arms- Heavy Heart
This site offers a message forum, am email pen-pal support network and a newsletter for anyone grieving for the death of a child.
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Florida SIDS Alliance
The Florida SIDS Alliance provides parent-to-parent contact for SIDS parents, monthly support group meetings in some areas, referrals to other agencies and professional services, educational programs ...
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Gemeinsame Elterninitiative Plötzlicher Säuglingstod e.V.
This is a German SIDS site, all in German language.
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Iowa SIDS Alliance
This is the Iowa branch of the National SIDS Alliance. It offers support services in the local area.
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Megan Leigh- my special angel
personal memorial page
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National SIDS and Infant Death Program Support Center
This site contains downloadable Bereavement Guidelines for Christian Clergy, Funeral Directors, Medical Professionals.
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Roby's Memorial
Individual memorial site
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SIDS Center of New Jersey
"The specific clinical aim of the SCNJ is to offer support to New Jersey's bereaved families during this time of crisis. Services provided by the Center include: direct counseling via phone/letters ...
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SIDS Families
A large site with links to 50 personal memorial web pages, poetry, music, and articles.
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SIDS Foundation of Washington
"Our mission states that we are dedicated to the informational and emotional support of bereaved families, to the education of the general public and health professionals, and to the ultimate ...
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SIDS Network
The Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Network, Inc. offers peer counseling for those that are effected by a SIDS death, a monthly support group meeting, crisis intervention counseling, referrals to other ...
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Souls With Wings
This site is for anyone who has lost a loved one in childbirth or has had anyone pass away at a young age and needs a place to vent and release their anger and grief.
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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Alliance
"The Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Alliance exists to ensure the elimination of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome through medical research and education while providing support to those affected by an ...
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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Other Infant Death Information Web Site
Many more children die of SIDS in a year than all who die of cancer, heart disease, pneumonia, child abuse, AIDS, cystic fibrosis and muscular dystrophy combined . . . This site is the growing ...
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