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We hope these selections are helpful to those experiencing grief or assisting others. The Organization and Services include some samplings of individual opinion. They are provided for your information, but do not necessarily reflect the views of our organization or experts.
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Abbey Blessings - Pet Remembrance
Items for Pet Remembrance at Abbey Blessings ‘33714’ “PET STONE” $28.95
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AD/HD Across the Lifespan Conference
September 27, 2003 - September 28, 2003 A 2-day conference in Tukwila,WA with keynote presentations and master classes (limited to 30)conducted by Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Sam Goldstein, in addition ...
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Bereavement Services
We offer support groups, private counselling, educational seminars, and workshops tailored to the needs of the bereaved and those who wish to learn more about the grief process. Private and group ...
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CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) Conference
AD/HD Through the Years: From Science to Practice October 29, 2003 - November 1, 2003 The CHADD Annual International Conference is the major research, practice and public information conference ...
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Crisis Clinic
Clear and concise tips for caregivers. Advice on whom to contact and how to get help. Community information line for more info.
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Department of Applied Health Science
"Grief in a Family Context" This course is currently in session during the Fall semester of 2002. It will be offered next during the Fall semester of 2003. If you would like to be contacted when ...
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Focus on Women and Girls with ADHD Conference
September 27, 2003 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Diagnostic Challenges and Unique Issues * Solution-Focused Treatment for Women * Medication Treatment: The Hormone Connection * From Overwhelmed to ...
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Free Panic Attack Prevention Program
Part 1 - What is a panic attack? The Fight or Flight Response (or Panic Attack!) The Panic Attack : Faster Than the Speed of Thought What happens during a panic attack? Part 2 - Why do ...
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Grief Recovery® Certification
It is a unique training which encompasses the principals and actions developed over the past 25 years by John W. James and Russell Friedman, the founders of The Grief Recovery Institute, and ...
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Grief Healing- Healing Courses
If you are anticipating or coping with a significant loss in your life and wish to better understand the grief that accompanies such loss, this site has been created to offer you the information, ...
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Grief in a Family Context Course
This course will be offered next during the Fall semester of 2002.This site map provides you with links to the various components in HPER F460/F560, Grief in a Family Context.
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Halton Peel Palliative Care Initiatives
Halton Peel Palliative Care Initiatives offers consultation, information, education newsletters and other resources to service providers caring for the terminally ill and/or their care-givers ...
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HFA's 11th Annual National Bereavement Teleconference
Living With Grief: Alzheimer's Disease The live-via-satellite program, moderated by Cokie Roberts, will be broadcast Wednesday, April 28 from 1:30pm to 4:00pm EDT. An panel of experts ...
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International Network for the Definition of Death
Founded by Dr. Calixto Machado of Cuba, and Alan Weisbard of the USA, the Network is an affiliate of the International Association of Bioethics devoted to the discussion of the ethical and medical ...
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LearnWell Resources, Inc
Online continuing education for nurses, counselors, social workers and other learners Learnwell provides courses in health and ethics with instant online processing and certification 24/7. Explore ...
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Peachtree Counseling Center
Regardless of their age, adult children are often overwhelmed by the profound sense of loss they experience with the death of a parent. This seminar is designed to offer both education and support ...
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Promoting Student Success: Clinical Assessment and Management of Differences in Learning Conference
October 26, 2003 - October 29, 2003 The content will be focused on helping professionals develop innovative assessment and management strategies for school-aged children using neurodevelopmental ...
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Raymond A. Moody
Author , researcher, teacher, and world rewnowed expert on Near Death Experiences, Raymond A. Moody, Ph.D, M.D., has just released a new book on conquering Grief and finding hope, called :"LIFE ...
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Reading Disabilities and AD/HD: Enhancing Student Achievement Seminar
September 18, 2003 - September 19, 2003 Speakers include Rick Lavoie,Emerson Dickman, Dr. Larry Silver, Dr. Lyon. Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, and Mental Illness
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Schwab Learning presents Dr. Bob Brooks and Dr. Mel Levine at Hyatt Regency (Embarcadero)
October 25, 2003 9 am - 5pm Dr. Bob Brooks and Dr. Mel Levine will deliver powerful, positive messages and offer specific strategies for helping kids with learning difficulties succeed in ...
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Self-Healing Expressions
A Spiritual Resource Course offered Online - Course Title, Living Deliberately ~ Discovering and Embracing your Essential Life by Marianne Parady, MA is the author of 7 Secrets for Successful Living ...
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The Association for Death Education and Counseling
ADEC is one of the oldest interdisciplinary organizations in the field of dying, death and bereavement. The almost 2000 members are made up of a wide array of mental and medical health personnel, ...
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The First Year of Grief: Help for the Journey Course
Marty Tousley, MS, RN, CS is a hospice bereavement counselor helping people find their way through grief following the death of a family member. As a volunteer with the Pet Grief Support Service in ...
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The Grieving Well Center
The Grieving Well is a guidebook/workbook offering information, suggestions, exercises and understanding into the journey of grief; providing insight on topics such as: myths about grief; the ...
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The National Mental Health Association Resource Center
A Depression Resource - The NMHA Resource Center is a nationally recognized resource for information on mental illnesses and treatments, and referrals for local treatment services. Material, Toll ...
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