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We hope these selections are helpful to those experiencing grief or assisting others. The Organization and Services include some samplings of individual opinion. They are provided for your information, but do not necessarily reflect the views of our organization or experts.
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Adam's Angels Support Group
This is a place for you to come and meet other people who lost a parent or family member on 9/11. Support Group. Victims of Violence
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Caught in the Crossfire Support Group
If you turned around to see two men raping your 11 year old son, you might be off as well....oh my God, there was nothing i could do... Support Group
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Children lost to gun violence
Lost a child to gun violence support group
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Crisis Clinic
Clear and concise tips for caregivers. Advice on whom to contact and how to get help. Community information line for more info.
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Dealing with the death of a MURDERED CHILD Support Group
I am a mother of a 3 year old murder victim..if you would like to join in, please do so, we can help each other. We welcome you all with open arms, and promise to get back to each and every one of ...
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Federal Bureau of Investigation; J. Edgar Hoover Building
The mission of the Office for Victim Assistance (OVA) is to ensure that victims of crimes investigated by the FBI are afforded the opportunity to receive the services and notification as required by ...
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The pain from losing a loved one, whether spouse, child, parent, sibling or friend, can be the most severe suffering one ever endures. Such is the power of grief. It can take over your life and ...
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Hcm Online
MOTHERS OF MURDERED SONS/DAUGHTERS A site where Moms can share their grief, for mutual support, containing a photo memory board, and message board.
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Help Make a Difference
This group was founded by three girls who want to donate money to causes having to do with kidnapped, hurt, raped, or murdered children. Victims of Violence Support Group
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Interstate girls remembered
If you know about the Interstate 45 murderes, and you think about them, here is a place to vent your feelings. These girls are remembered by many.They deserve to be able to rest in peace. Support ...
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Kelasan Inc.
Share your pain and your experience with others. Tell the story of how violence has affected your life with our Beyond Story tool. Trying to cope with sudden loss? Talk to others who understand ...
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Missing souls support group
This club is in memory of Elizabeth Smart and for all missing and molested children. Support Group
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National POMC
POMC® provides the ongoing emotional support needed to help parents and other survivors facilitate the reconstruction of a "new life" and to promote a healthy resolution. Not only does POMC help ...
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Parents of Murdered /Missing Offspring
This organization is anyone that has lost a child to any circumstance. Support Group
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Parents of Murdered Children DC Chapter
POMC® makes the difference through on-going emotional support, education, prevention, advocacy, and awareness. To provide support and assistance to all survivors of homicide victims while working ...
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Parents of Murdered Children Support Group
parents of murdered children support group
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ROOT Inc. (Reaching Out to Others Together) is a non-profit organization committed to advocacy, education and intervention on behalf of individuals and families who have been victimized ...
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Survivors International
Survivors International is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing essential psychological and medical services to survivors of torture who have fled from around the world to the San ...
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Having a loved one murdered is the hardest thing one can experience. This is a place where others know what you are going through. A place to share your story and hear others. A place for support ...
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The Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture
The Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture aids survivors to overcome the lasting effects of torture and war. In partnership with the community, the Centre supports survivors in the process of ...
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Victims of Homicide In The South
This is a non-religous based group for people in the South who have lost someone due to homicide. My son was murdered October 26, 2001, by his own father. My son was 3 Months old. I feel this ...
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