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TeenSupportPlace.org is operated by National Grief Support Services Inc. and is a sub-site of GriefSupportServices.org. We are a 501c3 nonprofit charity founded to provide free services to anyone grieving any sort of loss. This may include the death of someone close but also loss of confidence, employment, physical or emotional capabilities or personal relationships. Please find out more about us by visiting GriefSupportServices.org and exploring our many services.

Teen-agers have always been as likely to suffer these losses as anyone, but today they have more options for help. The challenges of parenting include being able to serve as helper, but in parent-teen relationships this is not always a teen’s first choice. We recognize the power of the Internet to provide help on an around-the-clock basis, but we believe in the obligation to maintain confidentiality and privacy for our users of any age.

Teens especially need to have confidence to speak freely among themselves in order to receive support. Our support areas are monitored and our discussion room standards are enforced. In the same way, qualified professionals facilitate our support groups while letting participants set their direction. Our privacy policy is designed to inspire the confidence of users while conforming to all applicable laws on the provision of Internet services to minors. We do not wish children under the age of 12 to visit our site, and we encourage teens from 12-20 to share the fact that they are visiting with their parents, although we do not require it. The support that they receive here will hopefully improve your relationship with your teen in a significant way. Sometimes the direction they can get from peers, along with neutral professional support, is just what is needed to bring harmony and peace back into your home and greater insight to your young person.

Heaven knows issues around being parents of teenagers can bring anyone to grief, and we encourage you to seek help either at GriefSupportServices.org , through any of the outside services we list as resources or in your own community. Like the teens we welcome here, parents also benefit from understanding issues more deeply and finding they have plenty of company as they deal with them.

Finally, feel free to explore the site and share your thoughts by contact us.

Links for Teen Support Place
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TeleSupport Groups with other Adults Coping With Parenting Challenges & Sorrow
Online Support Groups with other Adults Coping With Parenting Challenges & Sorrow
Organizations and Services
Free Online Library, see our extensive Adolescent-Related Resource Section
Ask the Expert— Look for our Teen Specialist, Dr. Virginia Simpson
TeleClasses offer many topics to help you through various grief-related issues
Custom Writing Services
Legacy of the Heart, Multi-media Legacies
Private Thoughts, Virtual Multi-media Diary & Comfort Connection
Healing Music Library
Free Book, Grief Passages: Poems & Essays for Hope Comfort & Times of Loss
Flowers, Cards & Gifts- Cheer Gift Shop ®
Virtual Ceremonies and Rituals
Celebrity Circle of Hope Audio Inspirations
Remembrance Place, Virtual Multi-media Memorials
Bookstore-Books, Audio, Video & CDs (see the topic Adolescent-Related grief)
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