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Our pets come in all shapes and sizes, from domestic to exotic, and are as unique as the people who love them. When they die, your feelings for them are most personal, yet there are others who have expressed themselves over their own losses of beloved animal companions. The depth of those simple feelings can, in a way, make them too complex for some to understand. But there are avenues to help you through the absence of that steady companionship and good will that you had counted on from your pet.
Here you will find Pet Loss Support Groups, both online and by telephone. Are you frustrated with others who don't seem to understand your feelings for your pet? Yet you know there are others who do. Here you will find a compassionate community where you can feel comfortable to share your feelings. Some are facing that same emptiness as you are right now. Please visit our Online and TeleSupport Groups for further information.
You can also express your own feelings creatively through the Pet Garden of Remembrance, multimedia online tributes that celebrate your pet's life. Imagine an almost 3-D experience in words, pictures - even video clips - and sound or music to memorialize your treasured companion.
There are also many other outlets that we have compiled, a web of resources on and off the Internet that offer supportive insights, empathy and ideas. We have assembled these, as we have to serve people experiencing all kinds of grief, knowing that a menu of help offerings allows each person to heal in their own way. You will find countless resources in our Online Library.
Our free book, Grief Passages: Poems and Essays For Hope Comfort and Times of Loss, has an entire chapter devoted to Remembering Pets. The book is free of charge and can be sent to you by going to the Grief Passages page in the Resources Section of our site.
In the aftermath of the loss of an animal friend, understanding is our greatest offering.
Links for Pet Loss
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Link Name
TeleSupport Groups with Other Bereaved People Who Share Similar Losses
Online Support Groups with Other Bereaved People Who Share Similar Losses
Organizations and Services
Free Online Library, Including Our Extensive Teen Resource Section on Pets
Grief Matters, Our Free Weekly E-zine for those Who are Experiencing Loss
TeleClasses Offer Many Topics to Help You ThroughVarious Grief-Related Issues
Pet Garden of Remembrance, Multi-media Virtual Memorials
Legacy of the Heart, Multi-media Legacies
Private Thoughts, Virtual Multi-media Diary & Comfort Connection
Healing Music Library
Free Book, Grief Passages: Poems & Essays for Hope Comfort & Times of Loss
Flowers, Cards & Gifts, see the Pet Loss Collection in our Cheer Gift Shop®
Ask the Expert—Look for Our Pet Loss Specialist
Virtual Rituals & Ceremonies
Celebrity Circle of Hope Audio Inspirations
Bookstore-Books, Audio, Video & CDs

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