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  • Please minimize background noise and interruptions. It is most annoying for others who are trying to participate to hear barking dogs, noisy children, water running, toilets flushing, pots banging ... well, you get the idea.

  • If you have a ringer on any other phone line in your vicinity, please turn it off. Also, please use your mute button if you will be using your computer to take notes as the keyboard noise can be heard by others.

  • If you are interrupted at your home or office during the class, use your mute button, or *6 on most phones. If you don't have one, just hang up and call back when you are free. Do not place the group or class on hold if we will hear music or a recording when you do so. If you have a music on hold feature on your phone, please disable it in advance of the call.

  • If you have call waiting, the clicks will interrupt the call. Please disconnect it before calling into the group. With most phone systems, you can do this by dialing *70.

  • It is strongly preferred that you call in from a hard-wired telephone. Please do not use the following phoning methods: speakerphone or your cell phone to call in from a moving vehicle, whether or not you are the one driving. It really makes it hard for others to hear. Speakerphones cannot be muted, though most cell phones can be, if you find you absolutely must use a cell phone in a pinch.

  • Questions and discussion will be welcomed at designated times throughout the group or class. Ask to be recognized when you wish to speak, and wait to be called on. Always say your name, before you begin talking.

  • If for some reason you are the first caller, the Conference Bridge Phone Number you dial shall continue to ring until a new caller comes on to the bridge line.

  • Please call this number at the exact time you are scheduled, or no more than 5 minutes ahead of time. If you call in too early, you may not find anyone there. You can use for the accurate time. Our facilitators will allow five minutes for everyone to check-in and at five minutes after the time the group was scheduled, it will begin.

  • Please note that this is a special number and should only be called during your scheduled time.

Thanks for reading all of these call guidelines. If everyone cooperates, we can ensure a positive experience for all concerned. !
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