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Have you ever been so down you couldn’t face even your best friends at school, or even when they call on the phone? Here’s a chat room that goes beyond anonymous fads and raves and gets to the heart of things that make you hurt. If there’s more on your mind than “whuzzup?!” then this may be the place you find some real help.
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Nobody cares what you look like, how you do in school, who you like or dislike, or which activities you like to participate in. Beneath all that, we’re all pretty much human. And sometimes different people aren’t very different at all in the way they grieve.
It could be a family thing – either you or your parents aren’t living up to someone’s expectations. Maybe you lost somebody important to you, or you feel lost in yourself. Perhaps you’re feeling pressured to do something you don’t want to do. More of us would be “found” if we started talking sooner. Here’s a place to start.
It’s free. Anyone can read through the posts. If you don’t see exactly what you came for, post something yourself. Whatever helps Come in and check it out.

Specialists who keep an eye on the discussion are standing by to help. These are professionals who have helped thousands of other teens, just like you, get to a better place. What a relief to know you’re chatting with people who want to get down to the important things that are on your mind.
The experienced facilitators of Teen Support Place, are caring professionals who volunteer their time and understand where you’re coming from. This Compassion Cooperative program, along with generous donations, allows us to bring you these important services, free of charge.
We’ve got the time to talk if you do. Meet others who are going through the loss that you are going through, and they’re talking to each other already, on the phone.

These are telephone support groups especially for teens. Nobody’s talking down to you because you are talking to each other, helping each other. Maybe you’ve lost people you love, or the security you had. It could be you’re facing tough times and are just stressed out? Still others are being pressured to do things that aren’t comfortable. Or if you just want a place to talk about things that face teens today…relationship issues, school, drugs, alcohol, sex, conflict, loneliness, being too fat…too thin or just being
teased. Here you will find a safe place to say what’s on your mind and in your heart.

Now we’re helping each other with sympathy, encouragement, reinforcement and good ideas for getting through it.
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Not everyone is comfortable confronting loss face-to-face. But if you still want to talk to real people, even if you don’t know them by their full names, try support that comes over a conference call. It’s real-time and people can hear what you’re feeling along with what you’re saying. You can do the same with them, hear the sounds from each others’ heart in a way you can’t in a chat room online. The support you get is instant.
Support group facilitators are there – experienced professionals. But they are only there to guide, not lecture. You can move at your own pace, joining when you feel comfortable enough to share and help others

The experienced facilitators of Teen Support Place FoneZone, are coordinated by National Grief Support Services. This Compassion Cooperative program, along with donations, allows us to bring you these important services, free of charge.

We hope our list of topics fits your needs. It is always open to your suggestions for new topics. Link to the topic of your choice and get into as many of the scheduled sessions as you’d like.

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Bookstore-Books, Audio, Video & CDs (see the topic Adolescent-Related grief)
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