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We all absorb knowledge differently, whether it’s by reading, video tape or simple trial and error. But speaking directly with distinguished experts and practitioners is an exciting and revealing experience for anyone. Especially for those going through the grieving process from loss, the perspectives born of experience can comfort and inspire.

Share the experience of innovative and successful practitioners like those you can hear from and respond to in our TeleClasses and Seminars. They are gifted in reaching others as helping professionals, but also in their ability to convey their ideas clearly to others who share the goal of healing.

Groups are kept small enough to ensure you the ability to participate and benefit. Topics are specific enough to provide a deep experience for those seeking answers in their own grief or that of other people they care about. Hours are convenient to people with different routines. And access is as easy as dialing your telephone into a conference line.

Here’s another time- and expense-saving way to get professional support and enrichment at

These seminars utilizing conference-call technology are more than convenient. Just the ability to access this kind of enrichment over the telephone would certainly be enough to make enrollment worthwhile. But the seminars offer much more!

Topics focused on grief and its various facets. Choose from our ever-expanding and
changing catalog of offerings.

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