LossFor so many of us, the loss of an animal companion brings pain as deep as losing a member of the family. And after all, our pets were members of our families, unconditionally loving, faithful and always happy to see us. The things we've done, the times we've gone out of our way. Sure, some would call them silly. But our pets, the ones we did them for, simply called back to us with those looks. Now those times bring a laugh, or a tear, or maybe both.

What does the life you shared with your pet mean to you? It's something special, and maybe it has always been indescribable. But it need not be.

Why not put your feelings into words, into pictures, even into song if you like? Others may share an undeniable piece of you that will not pass from memory. And you may come back to that place, over and over, whenever you like.

The tools are here to build your pet's Garden of Remembrance. What a wonderful way to return the warmth, and share it those who will understand.

Our nonprofit mission is to serve all who experience loss. A portion of our contributions are set aside so all who desire may remember their loving pets in words and pictures. Or work with our design team to create something more, at the same time making a donation to help sustain our services in support of people struggling with grief.

"My dog Honey was my faithful companion. She came to me as a puppy for my 13th birthday. We went through so much together. My family moved to another city when I was 14 and she would lick my tears away when I was lonely, missing my friends. When she died at age 17, I was an emotional mess. I felt like a part of me was gone, too. I cried every time I thought of her. Creating a Garden of Remembrance has really helped me. I love to visit it and "talk" to her and think about all the wonderful times we had and how much she meant to me. After awhile, happy memories have begun to replace the sadness."

Susan Grove, Boulder, Colorado

Click Here to See Susan's Remembrance for Honey
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Up to 500 words/5,000 characters including spaces, 1 photo, 1 music selection, 1 background, 1 website link.
Generous donations by others have made it possible for us to
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Up to 3000 words/30,000 characters, including spaces, personalized flash opening, 15 photos, 5 minutes of audio or video clips and 3 music selections, up to 5 backgrounds and choices of 15 effects and up to 3 website links.

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Annual renewal donation $20.

Unlimited words, personalized flash opening, unlimited photos, up to 20 minutes of audio/video clips, up to 7 music selections, up to 10 backgrounds for the total Remembrance, unlimited effects and up to 8 website links.
Includes a Guest Book with messages of unlimited length.

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