You Karen are a special jewel in the universe, a special star. You have the power and intensity to work miracles. I hope I will always be by your side as you begin the tap your great potential. Certainly the world will someday open up to you as easily as can be. For you are a power, a motivating force in the universe. You seem to receive a special creativity that simply is absent in other people! How lucky you are to be so gifted. How lucky I am to be your husband.
Taking someone for granted is so easy today, but with you, your presence is simply too overpowering. You are too special, too unique. Never doubt yourself, for you possess marvelous talents, and soon, very soon, all your abilities will culminate into that special dream of yours, even though it is not apparent now. You will never fail.
So, I will be by your side, hopefully awaiting and planning future with you. I look forward to all our success, both personal and professional, for together, we can bask in the sunshine of love, forever content with each other, and the world around us, as we see it, as we hope it to be, as we build it from our dreams---
Love, Michael