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Anyone providing care for dementia knows it’s not easy to find ways to offer comfort to someone who is confused, agitated or restless. Even for the most patient caregivers, it can be draining and frustrating to answer the same questions over and over … to keep residents, patients or loved ones from feeling lost and confused …from crying ... from pacing … from wringing their hands ... from wanting to “go home” (even when they are home!)
A Forget-Me-Not is a dynamic presentation – available via the web or DVD – that puts together the story of one’s lifetime in pictures, words, sounds, and video clips.Include personal and family milestones, vacations, get-togethers and careers. Tender moments may be liberated from your photo album for anyone you want to be able to view them. The recollections of others may be added to the soundtrack.s
A Forget-Me-Not is a positive reminder, easily created by you with our help. You select images, music, sound or video clips and attach them to our online form. We take it from there and put them together in a beautiful Forget-Me-Not program. ss
It can always be updated or enlarged by family or friends – from anywhere in the world. Or it can be the proud production of someone diagnosed in the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s, an autobiographical accomplishment that will not only remind your loved one of who they have been and what they have accomplished, but who the important people in their life are. Different stages of Alzheimer’s disease offer varying opportunities to orient those who are afflicted. It can be meaningful to help ground someone dealing with the advance of Alzheimer’s.
Through a simple wireless connection from any computer to any television, their life story can be played, providing comfort, reassurance, recognition, orientation and a way for someone with Alzheimer’s to connect with loved ones as if they were in the same room, even when they’re very far away. A Forget-Me-Not truly gives those who struggle back a part of themselves … and that “gift” can be given over and over again, anytime comfort is needed.
Whether you’re a professional, friend or family member, it is possible to help yourself, while helping your loved one or patient at the same time!

The program can also provide a much-needed break for caregivers, while the Forget-Me-Not is enjoyed again and again.

For those who are in care facilities, A Forget-Me-Not helps staff see your loved ones as the vital, contributing, youthful people they once were. Staff often lose sight of the fact that, like themselves, those with dementia were once young and full of life, energy and dreams. The story told helps caregivers reminisce with them and connect them to all that was important – and still is.
Imagine the knowing comment, the look of recognition that affirms that a connection is not totally lost. The affirmation that joy remains, that memories obscured are visible through a break in the clouds.

A Forget-Me-Not is so much more. For you, for others it is a lasting record of a life.

Using sight and sound, our Forget-Me-Not prosgram provides you and your loved one a clear view to the horizons of a lifetime, a look back that puts the present in a deeper context of human experience.

A Forget-Me-Not can be a priceless source of security, a stimulating event with a calming effect. Give a Forget-Me-Not, for you know there is no better gift than a feeling of comfort.

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