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Paul Alexander is a singer, songwriter, and a certified social worker who has shared his music and message of hope throughout the United States and Canada. His recordings are resource tools being utilized by Church Groups, Funeral Homes, Hospices, and Hospitals as well as bereavement support groups and individual caregivers. Learn more at

Paul's contemporary style combined with his compassionate lyrics and compelling vocal delivery touch the heart and soul of the listener and provide healing and upliftment. Paul's music has been inspired and enriched through his work as a Psychotherapist and Hospice Social Worker. His unique integration of his artistry and sensitive awareness to the hurting heart is what brings meaning to Paul Alexander's voice and music.

  Light a Candle and Songs of Remembrance
" For Healing Rituals, includes all four ritual songs: Light a Candle, Tree of Memory, Walk to Remember, and The Balloon Song, plus instrumental versions. "
Price: $14.95
   Light a Candle
"This song honors the age old ritual of lighting a candle in memory of and tribute to our loved ones. Written for use at candle-lighting ceremonies, side one is Paul's special vocal performance, while side two is the music only, to be used as background music for your soloist."
Price: $5.00
   the balloon song
" If you have ever witnessed hundreds of balloons being released at a memorial event you will understand the wonder and feeling behind this song. Your heart will lighten with a smile and a tear. "
Price: $5.00
   Tree of Memory
"Paul's recording is the ideal accompaniment for a Tree Planting Memorial Service. Planting a tree in memory of a loved one is a symbolic and meaningful ritual which replenishes the environment and celebrates the life which was shared. Side two is a music track for soloists or for background use."
Price: $5.00
  Walk to Remember
" Many support groups are having memorial walks as part of their annual remembrance ceremony. Easy to learn for group participation, it sets the tone for hope and upliftment. "
Price: $5.00
   Grief Guide and Workbook
"Utilizing thoughtful reflections on the grief process, stimulating review questions, and meditation techniques, This workbook teaches and guides you to a healing space."
Price: $13.95
  Always There
" Paul's first recording ever, this four song treasure includes his inspirational ballad Always There, which sings of the present God, (This was Paul's mother's favorite song!) See-Saw, a finger snapping country tune celebrating friendship, and From the Heart, a wedding song that has won the hearts of many. "
Price: $5.00
    The Best of Both Worlds
"This release sings of the power of one's humanity, personal relationships and spiritual connections. A great mix of upbeat tunes and heartwarming ballads including Julie Gold's ""When He Walks with Me."" The popular ""Can I Say Goodbye"" is dedicated to a young boy who died of AIDS. Elvis is probably singing along to the 50s arrangement of ""Angel of God"", based on the cherished prayer to your Guardian Angel. "
Price: $10.00
   We Live On Borrowed Time
" Those who have experienced loss often appreciate the importance of making the most of each moment and cherishing each day. Paul chose to record these songs as each lyric helped him connect to what is important and matters most. "
Price: $12.00
   Light a Candle Card
"A thoughtful gift to be presented to a bereaved family or friend at the funeral home or on remembrance days thereafter. Includes the Light a Candle cassette in a beautiful card that speaks of the meaning of this ritual."
Price: $10.00
   Top 14 Funeral Hits
" Ideal for chapel play and prayerful moments, these favorite heart lifting songs include: Be Not Afraid, In the Garden, Amazing Grace, On Eagle's Wings, Softly and Tenderly. Vocal and instrumental versions. "
Price: $14.00
   Healing Meditation
"A workshop favorite featuring two distinctive guided meditations. Paul brings the listener to a peaceful, relaxed state and then gently guides you to a special place where healing can occur. A powerful and helpful way to renew body, mind, and spirit."
Price: $10.00
  I Will Sing Forever
" Many enjoy this prayerful and peaceful collection while beginning the day or driving to work. Ideal for retreat, prayer services or meditation It features Now is the Moment, (great for AA support groups) as well as Heed the Call. (vocation awareness) Tape only "
Price: $10.00
   Paul Alexander celebrates John Denver
"This CD celebrates the timeless music of John Denver. Developed from his New York tribute, Paul sings the songs he grew up on including Sunshine, Rocky Mountain High, Annie's Song, and Heart to Heart with a wonderful medley plus others"
Price: $19.95
  Pilgrim Dancers on a Healing Journey
" Dedicated to those challenged by abuse or the pain of addiction. "
Price: $10.00
    a quiet place
"Instrumental Music for Peaceful Moments... A Quiet Place invites the listener to seek the quiet within - very soothing! rest in a safe place away from the turmoil and rush. Whether as soft background music or as a guide in meditation, you will enjoy peace with this long-playing cassette."
Price: $10.00
  Wrap Myself in a Rainbow
" This carefully and colorfully scripted guided meditation transforms and helps the listener face the complexities of loss with hope. Side Two includes Over The Rainbow and Rainbow Connection plus the title song with Bring Rainbows to the Children "
Price: $12.00
    A Ray of Hope: Facing the Holidays Following a Loss (40 minute video)
"Heartwarming interviews and gentle music make this a powerful and helpful resource for surviving the holiday hurts and expectations. You will learn ways to be true to yourself during a holiday season or any day you honor as a special day of rememberence. Paul hosts the program with advice from many bereaved individuals.(40 minute video)"
Price: $39.95
  The Best of Paul Alexander "Originally Yours"
" Finally after many requests, a CD with all of Paul's originals from When All Is Said, The Best of Both Worlds, and Always There plus three new releases including Song For America, This Old House, and Pennies From Heaven. It took some time, but it's here! "
Price: $19.95
   When All is Said
"Songs of healing, hope and remembrance inspired by Paul's counseling and workshops, this is dedicated to the bereaved and those who serve them. This best seller features Ray of Hope, Who am I Now, One More Time and the ever popular The Rose and Wind Beneath My Wings. A great resource for memorial service and support groups."
Price: $10.00
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