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We have assembled a wonderful collection of flowers and gifts to show those you care about that you are thinking of them. Our research team has spent many months finding unique and treasured ways to express your sympathy, encouragement or caring in a very special way…from your heart to theirs.
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It is so much more than a message. This is for someone, this is for an event that deserves more than you can say. This occasion of loss, this call for kinship requires an expression that finds a place, embraces a need deep within someone you care about very much. And you want this offering to remain as special as your feelings.

When you are too far away, or when the perfect phrase is not a phrase at all, you can use a service that well understands grief and the feelings that surround it. The emotions may not always be easy to put a finger on - they may be mixed in ways that seem difficult to imagine.
No longer do you have to feel inadequate to send out the signals that describe your bond better than words alone can. You can always look to us for vivid expressions of those feelings.
Sure, there are many wonderful virtual card sites on the Internet. In fact, we've spent a great deal of time researching them so you can easily access sites that are especially focused on comfort, healing, inspiration, angels an d cheer. Be sure to visit them in the Grief Support Services Section of our site, under Organizations and Services.
But we wanted to offer something unique, that would benefit our visitors in ways they would not find elsewhere. We did so by creating virtual cards, that cannot only be personalized with words, but with your photos! Our CheerMail has many designs and sentiments from which to choose, and a very special way to include photos that become part of the design of the card. What could be nicer than having treasured personal photos connecting you to the person you are comforting through your virtual expression.

National Grief Support Services is pleased to open to you our catalog of fresh floral specialties. In the magic of floral design and the dancing of light, these displays are designed with all the care and understanding found throughout our non-profit charity. We believe you will not only be pleased to send one of the options you see, but will be surprised at how affordable they are. There are over 900 arrangements to choose from for sympathy, get well, encouragement, memorials, funerals and graveside remembrances.

And remember, when you choose from among our selections, you join our compassionate partner, Just Flowers, who make them available so reasonably, in supporting our mission of healing and help.
View those selections below by clicking on Just Flowers Best Florist below
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