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As Mother's Day approaches, I wanted to post some suggestions for the holiday. This will hopefully be helpful for any holiday. HOLIDAY PROBLEMS - ROADBLOCKS Overwhelming sense of loss Overwhelming emotions Being alone Traditions that have changed Triggers ("land mines") - reminders of your loss - music, cards, greetings, etc... Others' expectations Lack of energy Lack of "holiday spirit" Negative associations with holidays Previous history of disappointing holidays or unhappy relationships HOLIDAY SOLUTIONS - STEPPING STONES Plan ahead Have a backup plan Embrace the feelings - both good and bad Realize it doesn't have to be the best holiday ever - just get through it! Find something different to do Go to a buffet instead of fixing the big meal Leave town Take the pressure off of yourself - don't fake it Have reasonable expectations of yourself and others Add something to your tradition that honors your loved one - light a candle Create whatever holiday you want Sharon coles 86 October 20,2016 09:17:13 am,CDT

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