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Our site brings together professionals from the clergy, medical professions, counseling, funeral services and many other communities to mix and compare their insights. It is a place to offer refreshing ideas and to take some of those ideas back with you.
From our Professional Edition of the E-zine “Grief Matters” to the classes and seminars we offer for hands-on practitioners and volunteers, is dedicated to strengthening the giving community as well as those in grief who draw sustenance and strength from us. Take advantage of our many free, handy and time-saving resources for professionals.
Links for Psycologists, Social Workers & Counselors
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Link Name
TeleSupport Groups with other professionals
Online Support Groups with other professionals
Organizations and Services
Free Online Library, including our extensive Resource Section
Grief Matters, our free Weekly E-zine for Professionals
TeleClasses, many with Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
Remembrance Place, Multi-media Virtual Memorials
Legacy of the Heart, Multi-media Legacies
Private Thoughts, Virtual Multi-media Diary & Comfort Connection
Healing Music Library
Free Book, Grief Passages: Poems & Essays for Hope Comfort & Times of Loss
Flowers, Cards & Gifts
Compassion Cooperative Program
Healing Music Library
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