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Guys hurt. Girls hurt too. Not always in the same ways. Rage is one expression of hurt. Tears are another. Silence can be another, and eyes can scream out loud. The point is there is a cause, maybe more than one. You could see violence in your life. Ruined lives, lost friends. Lost lives happen too often among our friends. Lost relationships? Everybody knows there are plenty of those. Lost goals, lost anchors, lost hopes. Loss. People suffer loss, but that doesn’t make them losers. It makes them alive. The result of loss, no matter how you express it or see someone else show it, is grief.
Your Private Support Circle is Waiting
TeenSupportPlace.org is the teen website affiliated with griefsupportservices.org. It’s a satellite site, you could say. It’s a “knock before entering” place for others but a “Door’s open!” spot for you, or
friends you care about, to go in and work through grief. You know, there are “experts” in this kind of thing. Teens who have been through loss or are going through it now can go through it with you here. That’s a kind of expert. Another kind available to you or your friends is the counselors, clergy and others who have a place in your universe. On the Net, you open up when you want and how you want, and at TeenSupportPlace.org there are a lot of ways to do it. Nobody tells you that you have to. But on the other hand, you have somehow arrived at this page, right?
Your Private Support Circle is Waiting
Check out the offerings. Take your time. Browse and come back or dive right into a chat or whatever you like.

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TeleSupport Groups With Teens Who are Coping With Life’s Challenges & Sorrow
Online Support Groups With Other Teens Who are Coping With Life's Challenges & Sorrow
Organizations and Services
Free Online Library, Including Our Extensive Teen Resource Section
Ask The Expert—Look For Our Teen Specialist
TeleClasses Offer Many Topics To Help You Through Various Grief-Related Issues
Custom Writing Services
Legacy Of The Heart, Multimedia Legacies
Private Thoughts, Virtual Multimedia Diary & Comfort Connection
Healing Music Library
Free Book, Grief Passages: Poems & Essays For Hope Comfort & Times Of Loss
Flowers, Cards & Gifts - Cheer Gift Shop ®
Virtual Ceremonies and Rituals
Celebrity Circle of Hope Audio Inspirations
Remembrance Place, Virtual Multimedia Memorials
Bookstore-Books, Audio, Video & CDs with Topics Especially For Teens
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